100 Day Loans Scam? Full Disclosure 100 Day Loans Review

Are you considering getting a payday loan from 100 day loans? If so, I’m glad you stopped by here, because I have some information about this lending company that you should know about.┬áNow please keep in mind that this is my dead honest personal review of 100 day loan and not the official website. As one who has researched online lending services a lot, I think I can help you make an intelligent decision for your financial well-being.

Cash emergencies can catch up on even the most frugal of people. When they do the question immediately becomes, ‘how to get cash fast.’ What you will need is hassle free, paper free, trustworthy system that will deposit some cash into your account in as little time as possible. This is the general overview of what 100 Days Loans offers to you.

What is 100-day loans?

As you may already know, 100 day loans is an online lender of payday loans, which is a kind of personal, short term loan usually with a higher interest rate relatively speaking. The higher interest rate does not necessarily mean there is a “100 day loans scam”, but of course loans like this are riskier. This kind of loan is actually advantageous for those of us who are caught with unexpected bills from time to time. I feel this kind of loan is just fine if of course you have a regular income and are responsible with your budget. They obviously boast “100 days of freedom”, which may have caught your attention (it did mine).

This is a tool you can use to get some instant cash in those dire money-emergencies cases. When you are in the urgent need of hard cash for debt payments, you simply contact this company and use their services to get a small loan approved for up to $1000. This really is a sensitive issue, so understandably people have wondered about a “100 day loans scam”.

The great thing about the services of this lender is the fact that you can skip the pesky credit check. This means that the company does not place importance on whether you have good credit or whether you have bad credit. Again, conveniences like this make some consider a “100 day loans scam”, but there’s certainly more to examine about them.

What does 100-day loans offer?

Immediate cash infusion into your pocket. When looking at bills and know your account is at nil, you need someone who will give you cash now (for you to repay back the cash latter). In addition, the company offers you services like security of all your personal information. The company guarantees that your personal info like social security number, bank details, etc, will be protected at all time.

Another service that 100 day loans offers is easy to fill online forms that will take you minutes to complete. On top of this, fast approval of your application so that in a matter of minutes you know if you have the loan or not. A high approval rate from lenders is another thing that this particular company offers. As their website says, 4 out of 5 loan applicants are approved.

Is there a 100 day loans scam?

Many of these sites display a nice looking woman holding fistfuls of dollars right next to several web forms where are supposed to enter some typical personal information. Pretty much every payday loan service online will promise about up to $1500 wired to your bank in mere hours, but sadly many of them will just sell your information, and you may or may not actually get the money in your hands!

To make matters worse, you might be surprised to learn that Indian scammers have tapped into and abused this information to hassle those who applied at some of these websites. You can find out about this problem elsewhere on the net, but suffice to say that I know a guy who clearly never got the loan (problem #1) and still got called and told he was going to court for defaulting (problem #2). Can you imagine that?

But I digress…basically you can see that this company is different on some crucial accounts. Opposed to some “fly by night” dodgy websites, 100 day loans has a clear contact page including a phone number, a clear address, a detailed FAQ, and a solid BBB rating. I’ve not encountered any “100 day loans scam”, but you would be the first to know about it if I ever did.

Nevertheless, here are some things you should know about:

  • The interest rate is acceptable, but make sure you understand your state’s laws.
  • Contacting them by email was a little nerve-wracking, because they were a tad slow on the draw.
  • You may have to apply 2X for larger loans.
  • “100 days of freedom” does work for many, but your own situation will determine if you get the full 100 days.

It is understandable that you want to know if all your information will be safe. The company has encryption-protected servers where they store all your important information. The company is also transparent in how it deals with you and your application. Transparency is key for there not to be a “100 day loans scam”.

You get an email as soon as your loan is approved with all the relevant details. The money can be is in your account within the hour (usually you will have to wait until the next working day to get it). Customer care services and the FAQ page on their website help you communicate all inquiries to the company. The company responds to all inquiries promptly.

All these services are there to promote trust between you and the company. The evidence indicates that there is no 100 day loans scam.

How do I get a payday loan from them?

First step is to go to the 100-day loans website. Here you will get the online form, which should not take you more than a few minutes to fill. Next you are supposed to submit the form (ensure that you are a truthful as possible in filling out the form, dishonesty tends to slow down the process of getting a loan or can lead to refusal of your application).

After submission of the form, you will be notified of your successful application. Money will be wired into your account directly, and your problems will seem to melt off your shoulders. You will have ability to take care of your emergency cash need. It is that simple.


Although no lending service is perfect, there is no good reason to believe there is a 100 day loans scam after our extensive examination.

Overall, if you are a financially responsible person who would like to get a little monetary boost, then I say use this lender, because they are one of the most established and respected online lending companies.